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If YOU have ANY information on the village of Stroat
PLEASE contact the blog owner as soon as possible
for it to be added:
Greg_L-W@BTconnect.comFor A MAP CLICK HERE

Material on this blog has been gathered from material which is readily available in the public domain or has been generously provided by both named & un-named individuals.

We would particularly appreciate old photographs & postcards of the immediate area – including people and events. We are able to scan the images and return the originals lent to us.
Images used on the web site will be published with attribution to the lender/owner or anonymously if you so wish.

There is a wealth of information available on the internet pertaining to individuals and families who are or have lived in the village and from time to time we intend to add more and more to the aggregation on offer on this site.

The information has been aggregated on this blog to help residents, visitors and members of the public seeking information.

We have moved here from CLICK HERE for various reasons but have left a full archive there and a forwarding link to this site. There may be a problem for a while as LINKS are updated as they may take you to the old site! (NOT a risk or problem but I hope it does not inconvenience you).We hope you find the information of help and hope if you are aware of facts we have missed out that you will consider sending the details to the blog for inclusion.

We would really appreciate it if you have ANY relevant old photographs, anecdotes or history pertaining to Stroat which you would be prepared to share.
Although the site is about Stroat we also include information of general interest relative to The Forest of Dean sourced, in the main, via Google Alerts & Google searches.
Thank you to all who have helped so far including:

+ Awaiting Inclusion

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One thought on “ABOUT + for inclusion

  1. In 1851, my great great grandmother, Mary-Ann Wyatt worked as a servant girl in Stroat House. Her age according to the 1851 census was 23 years old but in fact she was only 19 years old having bern born in 1832. Her husband to be, Mathew Cox was living in Brookend, Woolaston. After marriage in 1857 they lived and worked in Penhow, near the Chepstow to Newport road.


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