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Dog Attack of Pet Miniature Donkey

Pet miniature donkey Delilah savaged in horrific dog attack

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A PET donkey was savaged by a vicious dog in a shocking attack.

Delilah, a miniature donkey, suffered deep wounds to her face and a tear to her stomach in the incident.

  1. <P>HORRIFIED:  Delilah with owner Sarah Pook.</P>


    HORRIFIED: Delilah with owner Sarah Pook.

Her owner, Sarah Pook, 25, who lives in Gloucester said: “It was just horrible.

“We had checked on her the previous night and she was fine but when we went back the next morning her face was covered in blood and she was limping.”

An emergency vet from Severnside Veterinary Practice at Stroat treated Delilah and said the injuries were consistent with dog bites.

Sarah said: “The vet thought it must have been a dog because it appeared to attack from the front.

“There was a big wound in the side of her face and her bottom lip was ripped.

“There were also a number of smaller marks and a big flap of skin hanging off her side.”

It took place overnight between October 31 and November 1.

Sarah and her boyfriend Dan Saturley, a teacher at Lydbrook Primary School have owned 14-year-old Delilah for four years.

She lives in a field near the Rising Sun pub in Woolaston beside the home of Dan’s grandmother Eunice Saturley.

Sarah has reported the incident to the police but no witnesses have come forward.

She is also warning other donkey owners to be on their guard.

She said: “We don’t know where the dog came from or where it got into the field but we are worried that it could happen again.

“There are other animals in fields nearby and we just want other owners to be on the look out so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Delilah has been on box rest since the ordeal and although she is returning to full health the vets says she will be left with significant scarring.

Sarah, who works for the Cats Protection League said: “The vet said to us she isn’t going to win any donkey beauty contests but she is still beautiful to us. She has been feeling very sorry for herself.”

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