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Friday, 06 January 2012

•Celebrating reaching 100...Mrs Lucy Reeks with her daughters Heather (left), Ann and Rosemary.

•Celebrating reaching 100…Mrs Lucy Reeks with her daughters Heather (left), Ann and Rosemary.


LUCY Reeks, a member of a well known local farming family, celebrated her 100th birthday on New Year’s Eve, surrounded by family and friends.

Mrs Reeks is the widow of the late Amos ‘Pundy’ Reeks. The couple spent many years farming on the banks of the River Severn at The Priory, Awre, near Newnham.

They had three daughters, Ann, their eldest, born in 1940, and twin daughters Heather and Rosemary, who were born in 1944.

Mr and Mrs Reeks were well known throughout the district and were involved in many aspects of village life. They enjoyed a passion for ballroom dancing which was shared with many of their friends.

Mrs Reeks was born in Wimbledon but came to live at Woolaston as a six year-old. She fondly remembers the first motor in the village and a quieter world without aeroplanes!

She returned to the London area with her parents and after leaving school worked in the city as a secretary. However she was to marry farmer Amos Reeks, of Stroat, who she had known since the age of 15.

Returning to the district in 1935 the couple lived for a while at Denhill Farm Cottage, Tidenham Chase.
In January 1940 they moved to The Priory where they farmed until retirement, afterwards living at Steam Mills and then Newnham. Mr Reeks died in 2002.

Mrs Reeks’ big day was celebrated with family and friends. She said her card from The Queen helped to make the day a very special occasion.

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