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Forest of Dean Google Alert 11-Jun-2012

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/06/2012

If YOU have ANY information on the village of Stroat 
PLEASE contact the blog owner as soon as possible 
for it to be added.


Forest of Dean Google Alert 11-Jun-2012

‘Smurf Man’ Being Sought In Rural Community
Police Oracle
Police in the Forest of Dean are looking for a man resembling a Smurf with an apparent penchant for the ladies. The Smurfs are often found wondering in undergrowth – but usually on our television screens. So when police in the Forest of Dean received
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Diamond Jubilee: Rain fails to dampen Forest of Dean jubilee spirit
GOOD old-fashioned British grit saw to it that spirits were not dampened in the Forest of Dean.The grounds at Speech House were the setting for the Royal…/story.html
BBC NEWS – ‘Smurf’ sought in Forest of Dean
Reports of a man “who looks like a Smurf” behaving suspiciously in the Forest of Dean are being investigated. Gloucestershire Police said they had received
Forest of Dean | Alchemy & Accident
An interesting bit of weird shit – reports of a man “who looks like a Smurf” behaving suspiciously in the Forest of Dean are being investigated by Gloucestershire
Nankai Waterproof Biking Jacket with Gloves and helmet!!!! in Forest
Recent Clothes, Helmets & Boots for Sale ads in Gloucester. Nankai Waterproof Biking Jacket with Gloves and helmet!!!! Forest Of Dean…/nankai…/104262096
singer needs producer to make tracks (Forest of dean – Join My Band
Hi I’m Jordan, I’m a 17 year old Singer who does covers of songs by basshunter and music of that genre 🙂 I am looking for a producer to help me writ ..…/singer-needs-producer-to-make-tra…
Liberal Democrat News 8th June 2012 (Forest of Dean Liberal
Clegg announces further pre-school boost. Two-year-olds are to benefit from an extended pre-school education offer earlier than originally billed. Last week the…/liberal-democrat-news-8th-june…
S1 Rallye White (B4234 – Lydney/Forest of Dean) – 106 Rallye
Driven past this a couple of times now on my route through the forest of dean. Just as i take a left onto the B4234 its parked on the left hand side of the road.…t…
Ahoy Bristolians – Long John Silver tour of the forest of Dean
OK, I gave my son the SD card and a USB stick and he did the necessaries on his laptop. A 9am start at Bristol Parkway saw Simon and I meeting up with
Updated – Beeches Farm, Chepstow, Forest of Dean. « YellowFields
A return visit to Beeches Farm, can’t resist an update to my original review. First things first, getting there – print out the directions and take them with you.…/updated-beeches-farm-chepstow…
STROAT-Gloucestershire: Forest of Dean Google Alert 06-June-2012
The Year 5 and 6 tag rugby team recently came second in a Forest of Dean competition, before going on to win a Gloucester competition held at Hartpury…/forest-of-dean-google-a…
Bigger than a rhino Chapter 2: The Forest of Dean, a primeval fanfic
It all starts when a boy finds a flickering light in the forest and is forced to run through. An old friend returns and then Abby is left with a difficult decision. Includes


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