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Emma reaches out to children of Tanzania

A TREK to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro would seem like an unbeatable memory and for most people heading to Tanzania.

But it was a visit to a nearby children’s charity base that was the highlight of Chepstow girl Emma Sinclair’s trip to the southern African country.

Emma, who returned from her trip this month, said: “I went to Tanzania, with the task of climbing Kilimanjaro, which I did successfully. That was an amazing feeling and a gruelling challenge.

“However, while I was there I had the opportunity of visiting an ongoing project for street kids ‘Children for Childrens Future’ run by Oddo Ndonde based in Arusha.

“The project looks after kids who have come off the street, for reasons such as their parents may have died of aids or that their parents are too poor to look after them.

“I was very touched by the whole thing and would like to do all I can to help them in the future.”

Emma is now looking to help the project by taking vital donations to the charity’s base on her next visit to Arusha.

She added: “I am going back to the project on January 2, 2008, to help at the centre for a couple of weeks. I would like to take some items that they are in great need of and would urge people to send me donations that can really help children in this part of the world.

“I am looking to take clothes – especially boys’, of all ages – plus shoes, toys and stationary. I am specifically looking for a second hand lap top to take to them and also hair clippers to cut the boys’ hair along with any other hair dressing equipment.

“They are also in need of funding for education for the kids, so any donations of money would be very greatly received.”

Any items can be donated to Emma Sinclair at Bridge House, Rosemary Lane, Stroat, Chepstow, NP16 7LX or call 01594 529426.

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