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Store manager skipped red light at level crossing


I quote from the press, as shown on the internet & flagged up by Google alerts for Stroat:

Store manager skipped red light at level crossing

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A WOMAN jumped flashing stop lights at a railway level crossing in the Forest of Dean.

Dionys Griffith, of Stroat, near Chepstow, drove her Renault Megane over Lydney level crossing, despite the fact that the barriers had started to lower, Gloucester magistrates heard.

The 35-year-old managing director of Herbert Lewis Drapers and Furnishers in High Street, Chepstow, admitted careless driving.

Prosecuting solicitor Louise Pinder said: “It was 3.30pm on March 7 when Lee Evans, the signalman at the level crossing, saw the defendant drive over while the barriers had started lowering and the red warning lights had started flashing.

“A train was due to pass through and the lights had been flashing for six seconds when the defendant drove through.

“The defendant has two speeding convictions which resulted in six penalty points on her licence.”

Defending solicitor Scott Bowen said: “My client fully accepts her guilt in this matter and takes this offence very seriously.

“She is familiar with the road and as she approached she noticed a pedestrian on the crossing. She made a split second decision to carry on as opposed to hitting the brakes.

“There was a significant time before the train approached and no danger at all to others.”

Pointing out that “lots of people get killed on level crossings”, magistrates imposed five penalty points, fined Griffith £255 and ordered her to pay prosecution costs of £30.


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