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Forest of Dean Google Alert 27-May-2012

Forest of Dean alternative torch relay takes place
BBC News
An alternative torch relay is being held in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, by disgruntled locals unhappy the official Olympic torch relay missed them out. A miner’s Davy lamp, symbolic of the area’s industry, was lit at the bottom of Hopewell
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BBC News
Challenging roles are childs play for Kismet
Gainsborough Standard
In their latest offering, Kismet transports us to 1943 and the Forest of Dean, where we find a group of seven-year-olds playing in the rural West Country setting of Dennis Potter‘s Blue Remembered Hills. The children are played by adults,
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Gainsborough Standard
By Jimmy Young SOCIAL MOBILITY was not a phrase widely heard in the Forest of Dean where I was born in 1921 and spent my working class youth as a baker’s boy in the Thirties. Ironically, and much more by accident than design, it is what happened for
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Store manager skipped red light at level crossing
This is Gloucestershire
A WOMAN jumped flashing stop lights at a railway level crossing in the Forest of Dean. Dionys Griffith, of Stroat, near Chepstow, drove her Renault Megane over Lydney level crossing, despite the fact that the barriers had started to lower,
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Doubts over upgrade
This is Gloucestershire
That’s good, seeing as I only get 1.3 on the edge of the city.” IVW__ said: “They have computers in the Forest of Dean now? Awesome!” Taxidave1 added: “I agree with stroppy12, I live in Tuffley and only get just over 1 meg on a good day.”
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Chasing the wild boar around the Forest of Dean » Bike Magic
As riding areas go, the Forest of Dean has always been a destination for those in the know. In more recent years the areas profile has been rising considerably.
Forest of Dean parkrun and Trailblazer #2 | abradypus
It has been a very long twenty-four hours. I’ve driven 333.3 miles, been overwhelmed by a stay in one of the friendliest hotels I’ve ever stayed in*, run the Forest
Forest of Dean Trailblaze 10k – Events – Runner’s World
Just wanted to say a big thank you to the organisers and all of the Marshall’s at today’s event. This was my first trailblaze and even though the heat got to me and
Forest Of Dean Camping Sites | Camping Sites Pictures
Forest Of Dean Camping Sites. By Camping Sites Pictures. on May 19, 2012. Forest of Dean campsites. and Camping sites and four. The Forest of Dean


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