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STROAT POST OFFICE – History & Details

perhaps you can help – I do hope so!
I received an ‘e’Mail a few days ago from John Hine asking for help:

Dear Greg,

I am busy with an investigation into the history of Gloucestershire Post Offices and their postmarks.
There was a PO in Stroat from 1932 until 1971 but I have very little further information. Can you help with more details, PO photos or envelopes/cards with Stroat postmarks? 

The other information that I do have is from an official source dated 13 July 1932 that a Post Office was to open in Stroat and that the head office was Chepstow. 

On 7 March 1934 the Stroat PO was given Telegraph Office (T.O.) status and used the telegraphic code XLE for official business. 

The Stroat Post Office was closed in 1971. 

John Hine
If anyone can supply more information, photographs or postal history material – whether covers postmarked Stroat or collection and distribution details it would be much appreciated.
Information such as which buildings were used, who were the postmasters, was the post office open all day, was it just a post officer or a village shop etc. etc. – any information would be of help.
do call me with any facts on 01594-528 337 or eMail me on:
Stroat Post Office closed 43 years ago so there must be many who remember its latter years even someone who remembers or at least know of 82 years ago when it opened!
I am sure that when John Hine completes his research he will be happy to provide a copy for publication of the details of Stroat Post Office’s history and details for this web site – so please try to help him.
I can add some information supplied by Mary Brown whose parents Vi and Charlie Lewis lived and raised her at Stroat PO.

Mary’s Grandmother opened the Post Office on 13-jul-1932 and her parents took over in the bad winter of 1947 – the winter in which I carried out my first intelligent action, leaving Britain for the markedly better weather of India!

Vi & Charlie Lewis then ran the PO until it closed in 1971.

I hope to meet with Mary Brown in the near future, as she has promised a wealth more information and anecdotes, which I will post here for all to read and hopefully see as she may have some interesting local photographs.
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