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The Stroat Public House Is Long Gone!

the only records of a pub in the small hamlet of Stroat, about three miles to the north east of Chepstow on what is now the A48 to Gloucester, along the banks of the River Severn at Map reference (approximate). ST 573976, show the pub to have been opposite Stroat
The property though likely to be much changed is now a domestic dwelling known as Stroat Hill Cottage.

The George (and Dragon?)

It is uncertain as to whether the pub was named after King George or Saint George.


In the light of the early records of the pub it could well have been in memory of King George I who had died in 1727 or King George II who reigned from 1727 to his death in 1760.


The pub was known, at various times, as both the George and the Stroat Inn.


When known as the George in 1744 it was also  the meeting place of the Tidenham manor court, though its apparent size as at today indicates a small and far from formal court!


In 1891 the annual rateable value was £16.5s.0d.

The Pub had a six day license, presumably closed on Sundays.


Presumably the names listed below were of the landlords who were seemingly residents of the property:


1851 & 1856 Joseph Stephens (aged 35 in 1851 census)


1876 Abraham Turner


1885 Walter Lewis


1891 James Lewis. (Stroat Inn) Alehouse. Free from brewery tie
(owner John Pullen Rymer)


1892 Mrs Lewis (listed as innkeeper, Stroat. No establishment
specified though presumed to have been of The Stroat Inn)


1902 James Lewis


It is believed that the pub was sold, either in late 1902 or shortly t6hereafter and that it sold to two sisters of the Stroat House household who were offended by ‘The Demon Drink’ and totally refurbished the establishment as a dwelling, stripping out all features and semblance of it having been a pub.


I have as yet been unable to find any further record of the pub or early pictures of the property and would greatly appreciate any further information for as the present owners assure me they do not even hold deed as the property is covered by The Land Registry.




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