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Stroat RTA Fatality 11-Feb-2015:


The police would appreciate anyone who saw the accident or who can throw any further light on the incident contacting them via phone calling 101 quoting Incident number 72 of 11-Feb-2015



Updates improve the accuracy of the report as further details become apparent.
I have been asked (at this stage) not to name the unfortunate fatality, nor his home location, by his family, who are apparently pleased to see the state of the car which offers some comfort as it makes it apparent that their relation’s death was likely to have been immediate and without suffering.


at shortly after 07.45hrs. this morning 11-Feb-2015
there was a fatal road accident, in Stroat on the A48, near the junction with Rosemary Lane, immediately outside the Stroat mission which is approximately 1/2 a mile from Hanley Farm Shop.
Anyone who saw the accident is requested to contact the blog owner and I will ensure any details are relayed to the police.
Here is the remaining car of 3 involved (according to the police at the scene) at about 13.00hrs.
CAR Fatal RTA 02_11-Feb-2015
The recovery vehicle on the left is in the process of loading a dark coloured vehicle and the vehicle on the right, which would seem to have been literally slammed into on the right side (drivers) and was seemingly hit at speed.
There are signs of foam or some such on the road and pavement but there seems no sign of serious fire in this vehicle, which has lost its front wing and door and most of the bonnet and engine seem seriously damaged.I will provide more information as it comes to hand but our thoughts are with the family left behind by this (these?) fatality.The fatality, or one of is, I gather, from hear say, a 20 year old male travelling from Chepstow.
The road reopened at just before 14.00hrs.
UPDATE 22.00hrs.
A 21 year old man who was travelling from Chepstow, who was the driver and sole occupant of a Fiat Punto died in a collision with a BMW with 4 occupants, travelling from Lydney on the A48, in the immediate area of the mission in Stroat.
The accident occurred just before 08.00hrs. Wednesday 11-Feb-2015. The occupants of the BMW, which was being driven by Alexander Hardman, well known in Lydney, and his passengers, three children.
The occupants were taken to hospital but none was detained at Lydney Hospital where they were initially treated with consequential injuries. Mr. Hardman and his two youngest children were transfered as emergencies to hospital in Bristol.
We understand that the 9 year old boy in the front seat suffered bruising but no consequential injuries. The car was on route from Lydney to take the 9 year old to school at St. John’s on The Hill, on Castleford Hill, Chepstow.
Police, ambulance, fire service and recovery vehicles attended the accident.The next of kin of the young man fatally injured have been informed.
The police would appreciate anyone who saw the accident or who can throw any further light on the incident contacting them via phone calling 101 quoting Incident number 72 of 11-Feb-2015.
19:00hrs. 12-Feb-2015

Initial information yesterday indicated that all four occupants of the BMW, who were of the same family, were not seriously injured.The accident is now believed to have been just after 08:00hrs., though when I heard it I thought it was a couple of minutes earlier.A sad update, that has come to light, is that one of the children in the BMW was subsequently found to have been more seriously injured than was first believed and the 2.1/2 year old is now considered critical; the 25 year old driver of the BMW has also transpired to be more seriously injured though his injuries are not considered life threatening; as with the 3 year old.The fourth family member in the BMW was a 9 year old boy in the front passenger seat who suffered minor injuries, however all three children were still in The Bristol Children’s Hospital earlier today and the driver was in the BRI.We must hope that all four of them survive and make a speedy recovery..

20:00hrs. 18-Feb-2015

Man killed in collision in Stroat named as Oliver Davis

By CitizenNews  |  Posted: February 17, 2015


An inquest was opened at Gloucestershire Coroners’ Court yesterday.

THE 21-year-old man who died in a crash on the A48 at Stroat on Wednesday has been named as Oliver Jai Davis.

Mr Davis, from Cardiff, died when the Fiat Punto he was driving was in collision with a BMW shortly after 8am.

An inquest was opened at Gloucestershire Coroners’ Court yesterday.

Three occupants of the BMW remain in hospital, including a two-year-old boy, who is in a critical condition with serious injuries, a three-year-old boy who is being monitored, and the 25-year-old male driver.

A nine-year-old boy has now been discharged. The occupants of the BMW are all part of the same family.


Police continue to urge any witnesses who haven’t come forward to call 101 and quote incident 72 of 11 February.

I note this report spelt the surname Davis when I am reliably informed it is in fact Davies.
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12:20hrs. 19-Feb-2015

In a letter to parents, David Gaston the headteacher at Dean Academy, where Oliver Davies had recently joined the staff teaching in the maths department, said 21-year-old Mr Davies had established himself as a popular teacher.

Students at Dean academy were able to speak to bereavement counsellors and all pupils who had been in one of Mr Davies’s classes were spoken to directly.

Mr Gaston wrote:

“Although he had only been with us for a few weeks, Oliver had already established himself in the maths faculty and judging by the response of students who he taught, he was a popular young teacher, professional and friendly.”

16:20hrs. 21-Feb-2015

‘You were our star, our sun, our moon, our everything’: Family pays tribute to trainee maths teacher killed in car crash

Oliver Jai Davies, who died on his way to work, was a much loved and idolised big brother, his grieving family said

Trainee maths teacher Oliver "Ollie" Jai Davies, from St Mellons, Cardiff, who died in a car accident on the way to work

Trainee maths teacher Oliver “Ollie” Jai Davies, from St Mellons, Cardiff, who died in a car accident on the way to work

The family of an aspiring young maths teacher from Cardiff, killed in a car collision, have paid tribute to their “adored son and idolised big brother.”

Oliver Jai Davies, 21, who was known to friends as “Ollie” died instantly when the Fiat Punto he was driving collided with another vehicle on his way to work as a trainee secondary school maths teacher.

The Swansea University graduate, who lived in St Mellons with his family, loved maths and was studying for a PGCE to teach the subject, said grieving mother Trudy Davies.

Ollie had been on work placement for just two weeks at Dean Academy in Lydney, Gloucesterhire, when the accident happened on the A48 at Stroat in the Forest of Dean on February 11.

The aspiring teacher, who graduated from Swansea University last year, spent the Christmas term on work placement at Llanwern High School in Newport and loved passing on his passion for maths, said his family.

‘A real zest for life’

“He had settled in extremely well at the school and loved his work. We don’t know how or why he had this tragic accident. He was driving alone and was killed instantly,” his mother said.

“Ollie was someone with a real zest for life. There were never enough hours in the day for him. He had this way of reaching out to people. He would have been a very good teacher.

“We had a very close relationship and shared everything.”

Trudy said Ollie’s younger brothers Harry, 14 and Jack, 11, who idolised him, and her partner Lee Jones, Ollie’s father figure from the age of seven, were all devastated.

‘Our star, our sun, our moon, our everything’

In a tribute the whole family said: “You were our star, our sun, our moon, our everything.

“From first thing in the morning to last thing at night all we wanted to do was love you and hold you tight.”

A member of the 16th company Boys Brigade in St Mellons from the age of seven, Ollie, a former pupil at Bishop Childs Church in Wales Primary and St Teilo’s Church in Wales High School, later joined the 21st Boys Brigade in Whitchurch.

As an active member of Ararat Baptist Church in Whitchurch he played defence for the church football team where he was known for his bright orange boots.

Hundreds of people are expected at his funeral, being held at the church on February 26.

‘A celebration of his life’

Friends have been asked not to wear funeral clothes but to wear orange and blue, Ollie’s favourite colours.

“Oliver was everything. He had this way of reaching out to people,” said Trudy.

“We don’t know how or why he had this tragic accident.

“We want his funeral to be an intimate, joyous celebration of his life.

“We are just grateful we had such a close relationship in the time we had.”

An inquest into Oliver’s death was opened and adjourned at Gloucester Coroner’s Court on February 16.

Gloucestershire Police confirmed it is carrying out an on-going investigation into the collision, which happened shortly after 8am on February 11.

Three occupants of the other car involved, a BMW, remain in hospital, including a two-year-old boy, who is in a critical condition with serious injuries, a three-year-old boy who is being monitored, and the 25-year-old male driver.

A nine-year-old boy also in the BMW, has been discharged from hospital. The occupants of the BMW are all part of the same family.

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May I remind ANY WITNESS:

The police would appreciate anyone who saw the accident or who can throw any further light on the incident contacting them via phone: Call – 101 quoting Incident number 72 of 11-Feb-2015


CAR Fatal RTA 03_11-Feb-2015Fiat Punto after apparent head on crash with BMW

We note with concern that areas of ‘Social Media’ would seem to indicate that numerous individuals are claiming that both the young drivers were in some way at fault, due to irresponsible driving and speeding –

PLEASE NOTE there is no evidence whatsoever in the public domain that would indicate this to be the case.

Oliver Davies had driven along this road from Cardiff to work in Lydney regularly and the BMW regularly drove his children to school on Castleford Hill. Therefore I condemn the claims which are totally irresponsible, not founded on verifiable facts in the public domain and mindlessly hurtfull to the families and friends of the victims of this sad accident.


The verdict of the Coroner’s Court will be announced when available and appropriate, together with any apportionment of blame, if made public.

UPDATE SUBSEQUENT TO 04-Sep-2015 – Coroners Court report

No answers after Swansea University graduate’s death in road crash

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: September 04, 2015

Swansea University graduate Oliver Davis died in the crash near Stroat, Gloucestershire, in February.

The family of a 21-year-old Swansea University graduate are still looking for answers over why he died in a car crash.

Trainee maths teacher Oliver Davis was heading to Dean Academy in Lydney, Gloucestershire, when his Fiat Punto collided with a BMW near Stroat Evangelical Church, between Lydney and Chepstow.

Mr Davis suffered a fractured skull and died almost instantly while three children in the BMW, aged two, three, and nine, were left with ‘significant injuries’.

An inquest ruled there was no significant evidence to conclude what caused Mr Davis to veer on to the other side of the road. His inquest heard there were no traces of drugs or alcohol in his system and there was no evidence to suggest he was using his mobile phone before the collision.


BMW driver Alexander Hardman, who suffered a fractured foot and rib in the collision on February 11 this year, said: “He was coming towards me on my side of the road from about 10 or 15 yards away. I can’t remember the original impact.”

The BMW ended up spinning 180 degrees while Mr Davis’ car landed on its side.

Crash investigator PC Malcolm Shute said he could not ascertain the speed Mr Davis was driving but said he “did not look to be in a hurry”.

The court heard from Mr Davis’ GP who said his patient had ‘fainted’ twice last year, which may have been the result of a hypoglycaemic shock – the result of a lack of sugar in a diabetes sufferer’s bloodstream.

But blood tests could not be taken after Mr Davis’ death and coroner Katie Skerrett concluded his death was caused by a road traffic collision.

She told the family: “There’s no clear evidence on why he crossed the carriageway.

“I am afraid I can’t give you the definitive answer you are searching for.

“I can only give you my sincerest condolences for your loss.”

After the inquest, Mr Davis’ mum Trudy thanked everyone involved in her son’s case.

“To say the tragic accident that unfolded destroyed our world and rocked the Hardman family is an understatement,” she said.

“Sadly, the inquest has not reached a conclusion and neither does it bring Oliver back.

“We will not be able to enjoy many things we planned to do with Oliver but are grateful for having him in our lives for nearly 22 years.”

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